Some of our operators have been deployed nationally and internationally in high risk areas like Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia, escorting high value assets, protecting different Embassy’s and many lives.  They were fortunate to share their knowledge with the rest of our team. 

Bushveld Security Group employ our on the ground staff from isolated rural areas where they gained extensive experience in, (amongst others) man tracking and bush craft.  These sought-after skills were gained in the environments they grew up, where survival is a part of life. 

Their knowledge of animal tracking and man tracking has been passed down to our staff from generation to generation, skills that are very hard to come by these days.  Our senior staff train newcomers as they go through the ranks. 

Our staff’s superior survival skills and adaptability makes it easier for them to adjust to all kinds of new environments. 

What you probably did not know is that our on the ground staff are Vambo’s who originates from Namibia.   Vambo’s are some of the most proud, loyal and intimidating warriors you will find.  They do not have local family ties and are not affected by intimidation and bribes that is mostly the case with other locally based security staff.   For the same reason, they will not socialise with any of your on-site staff or local communities. 

Bushveld Security Group staff employ tactics, skills and experience gained in different operating theatre, where we performed highly specialised tasks over the past 40 years. 


We are fortunate to have gained some of the best people from different backgrounds in Special Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies and their sons, ensuring a close-knit unit.  

Over the years they have obtained extensive training and experience in counter insurgency, anti-poaching and different rural safety operations. 

We also have some of the best man trackers and animal trackers on our team, who have been very successful in the safe keeping of our clients’ most valuable assets and lives. 


National Operations Manager
Jaco Erasmus – 060 925 0431 

Sebastiaan Steyn – 082 572 2053