Rural security operations

Bushveld Security Group specialises in rural security since 2009.  Our team come from remote rural areas and is comfortable in these environments where others may find it challenging.  We use and train some of the best animal and man trackers available, which is a unique and rare skill these days.    

Anti-Poaching Units

Modern day poachers have evolved and routinely utilize military tactics and equipment to kill high target species such as rhino, elephant, lion or the rangers guarding these valuable assets. 

Our anti-poaching units are highly skilled and sought after man- and animal trackers with years of experience in bush craft, hailing from the most remote rural environments.  Some of these experienced trackers served in elite units.


Animal Tracking & Man Tracking

Tracking animals or man is our forte and we are very proud of the skilled and dedicated men in our anti-poaching units.  These men put their lives on the line daily to ensure the safety of the animals and people they protect, with high levels of skill and success.



In conjunction with our partners, Bushveld Security Group has access to a well-established surveillance network.  This is a core benefit for pro-active planning, response, execution as well as follow up operations. 

24/7 Control Room Monitoring

Bushveld Security Group team of skilled and experienced Control Room Operators is one of the specialised services we offer our clients with special needs. 

Armed Escort Services

Large corporations use our services to help safe-guard their valuable assets, fleet and the lives of their staff and guests.

Close Protection Services

We provide tailor made, individual and discrete close protection services to our clients. 

Firearms Training Academy

We use the extensive experience and knowledge gained over the years to train and upskill our staff regularly so they can be a bigger asset to your unique situation. 

Bush Pilots & Helicopters

We are fortunate to work closely with Bushveld Game Capture’s fleet of helicopters and skilled Bush Pilots.  They can be deployed nationally or in our neighbouring countries to assist us in crime prevention. 


During the initial evaluation and prior to staff deployment, we will conduct an on-site assessment:

Perform a risk assessment.

Evaluate the area, situation and determine any unique challenges that might be experienced.

Establish location of observation posts and patrol routes.

Establish a working relationship with relevant roll players.

Ensure logistics and admin are in order.


National Operations Manager
Jaco Erasmus – 060 925 0431

Sebastiaan Steyn – 082 572 2053